Why dating is wrong

In the end, I hugged him goodbye and thanked him for dinner.

When he texted me the following day, I told him that, although he was lovely, it was probably best we went our separate ways.

I’ve thought of that many times before about my exes. It’s like we looked for each other for the wrong reasons or suffered some bad karma. It makes you wonder why you do stupid shit in the past.

It makes you cringe, laugh and make that face when you take a hard shit. And the thing is, the signs back then were always so obvious. It wasn’t like we had this repertoire going on where we could swear at each other for fun.

But you mostly stuck to it because you were in love, or so you told yourself. It was done out of irritation, frustration, anger and dare I say, pure hate.

A girlfriend once told me to fuck off after I asked a simple question.

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For me, dating has always been about building a long-term connection—one that I had never been able sustain.But if fucking twenty friends are adamant on the fact that your relationship is just bad, it’s time to listen. Sorry, but answers like, “Maybe…”, “Yes, but…”, “I’m not sure right now” and “I’d be if she…” don’t cut it. If your partner does that to you as and when they like, it means they don’t respect you. Time to rethink that relationship because you may be dating the wrong person. It doesn’t matter if you have hard proof that they’re lying or not. When you think of your partner, you automatically feel angry and upset. But I think that, whoever in the relationship has gone to the extent of being physical, then you’re absolutely not with the right person.I personally hate it when people are never on time. If your partner consistently makes you wait for an ungodly amount of time and they don’t even apologize for it, then it just goes to show they don’t respect your time. If you constantly have the feel that they’re making shit up to get their way, then they already failed as faithful partners for making you feel that way. You equate him or her to everything that annoys the fuck out of you. A girlfriend back then said something really mean that turned her face into a really ugly one, like even Swamp Thing looked better. Anything physical, big or small means they’re out to humiliate you; to bully you.

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