Who is burt reynolds dating 1 online dating

And he didn’t always pay the ,000 monthly child support he owed for his son. The next year, Reynolds declared bankruptcy before paying Anderson the full amount she was owed.Lawyers would continue working on the case for years, decades even.After throwing her out of their house, he humiliated her with his accusations regarding her mothering.She said Reynolds had physically abused her at least a dozen times, something she blamed on alleged drug use. She said she was concerned about Reynolds’ “erratic behavior” and insisted a nanny be present when their son visited his father in Florida.Someday, I will talk,’” Anderson told SFGate in 1995.

Why that doesn’t translate into money, I don’t know. I’m glad America is curious about us.” RELATED: Burt Reynolds’ costars and admirers ‘mourn one of our favorite leading men’ »Anderson waited a bit to talk, writing her autobiography after the divorce was finalized.He painted her as an underemployed actress with lousy self-esteem.He accused her of being a bad mom to their son Quinton too.Reynolds, who died Thursday at age 82, and Anderson, 73, had been a glamorous fixture among the rich and famous since they met in 1981 and started dating in ’82, covering magazines, hitting red carpets and painting the town.But once the divorce was set in motion, the glamour quickly turned ugly. They never had sex anymore, he told “Good Morning America: Evening Edition,” so the decision to divorce her shouldn’t have been a surprise.

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