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Newman, who’s a short, slight man with small eyes and hair slicked back in the style of an eighties movie villain, seemed like the perfect foil to Jones—a man who makes a sizable portion of his income selling male enhancement supplements online and who, seemingly to prove their effectiveness, is prone to whipping off his shirt at inopportune moments (including at least once during a family therapy session, according to testimony at the trial).

During opening remarks, Newman talked about Jones like he wasn’t in the room, with a voice heavy on derision and “get a load of this guy” disbelief.

Not Info Wars, the one that airs on over one hundred radio stations every weekday and streams on You Tube to two million subscribers—the one in which Jones has four unfettered hours to explain to his audience why, exactly, “there is a war on” for their minds.

This version, rather, played out inside of the Honorable Orlinda Naranjo’s 419th District Court.

In each of them, Jones screams through a bullhorn about conspiracies that, in the worlds of the two films, turn out to be more or less true.

Jones continued to embrace his public persona as parody even as his career picked up steam in the mid-2000s.

If Jones, as his lawyer contended, is “playing a character” and “a performance artist,” could it be that all of his influence is built on a foundation of lies?

On the first day of testimony, the man in front of the jury, red-faced and seething, unable to sit still until ordered to by a judge, looked an awful lot like what you might expect from the one from Info Wars.

Wilhite’s argument before the trial caught the attention of the world. British author and journalist Jon Ronson hopped a late-night flight on Tuesday to be in Judge Naranjo’s courtroom in Austin by Wednesday morning.Friends listened to Info Wars and found themselves doubting the official September 11 story. ”) Jones was a face in Austin, even as he moved off of cable access and on to syndicated radio.Austin film director Richard Linklater was charmed enough by Jones’s persona that he put him in brief roles in a couple of his movies, 2001’s .But Jones, as a personality, more or less follows along a continuum.His obsession with the Branch Davidians has been replaced with conspiracy-minded rants on the Sandy Hook shootings.

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