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I'm still new to the VS2005 development environment and trying to find the development story/process which will really increase the productivity in my team. Hi Chris, If you use the build page or no-build, then when you run the project only the app_code directory classes and those pages that are used at runtime will be compiled (the runtime ones being compiled dynamically).May be I shouldn't need to close my debug browser window? Note that if you want faster build-times in the IDE, you might want to consider using the VS 2005 Web Application Project (more details here: Hope this helps, Scott Yep -- you can right-click on the web project properties and change the options to not build as part of the solution.That way you can just right-click and and choose build web-site when you want to, and not have to re-build on every compile.

We are releasing a feature-complete version in a few days.NET does not participate in the compilation of the application. -Brock The validating web site task actually does a number of things above and beyond what VS 2003 did for compilation.In addition to compiling everything in the site, it does two big additional verification steps: 1) That the web.config file is valid and all settings are legal (with VS 2003 these would just throw runtime errors) 2) That all markup within and other dynamic fils are legal (no missing tags, or malformed attribute values -- which in VS 2003 would only be caught at runtime) This later step is particularly useful -- since any errors will be flagged and listed in the error list of the IDE.This estimate was actually reduced over his lifetime to between 20 Ma and 40 Ma and eventually to less than 10 Ma.Well, if somebody knows, they should ping you on Twitter or something, right, and let you know.

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