Updating rosters in madden 09

Patch Yes, I'm finally going to discuss the state and details of the patch. Yes we submitted a patch to MS and Sony about a week ago.

They are currently going through certification and all indications point to them going live some time next week.

HB Fred Jackson – Bills – 80 to 81 – Continues to catch passes, return kickoffs and even lead block on TD runs for Lynch.

S Bryan Scott – Bills – 72 to 77 – Has been in heavy rotation the past couple weeks for the Bills.

From here it is just a matter of them improving on what the updates cover as far as who should change and by how many ratings points.

Continue on to view all of the transactions, ratings changes, injuries, and contract extensions.

Other post-release community feedback The same warning comes with this one. CPU Sliders (you would have the all new human sliders as well as a brand new screen of CPU sliders) 3. Madden Community Gamerpics (a variety of gamerpics that will show what community you belong to.

We think it's very important to continue to improve the game even after it's release.

I was on the verge last night aftrer i had typed out a rather large post that suggested this exact same idea of mine for you madden dev's to looking into..

the DLC as option for additional tweaks and options to the gamer..nice move guys. If you have a 32 team on-line league how many teams make the playoffs? I know alot of us trying to start leagues were wondering this Thanks Good show mate! This gives me more faith in 2010 than it does 2009, to be honest, because I know the guys that are working hard to get this out are the guys that are going to be giving us 2010 from the very start.

I look forward to seeing all of your very constructive feedback next week when the game is released and will do my best to answer additional questions here.

Phil Though it's great to hear good news about Madden 09, I can't help but feel excitement for the future of the Madden franchise w/ all this community interaction going on . Amplify the field degredation effect (the system is currently working but is hidden by some of our late added post effects) 4.

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