Updating razer copperhead firmware

;) Pros: - Laser technology - Scrool Wheel (it's very easy on the click, while not beeing to easy..

I'm considering of actually using it in games which I've never done with my MX510) - Precision - Nice blue/red/green glow (depending on the model you take) - Shape Cons: - Laser technology - Kung fu moves needed to use the 2 small right buttons - Glow can't be turned off (altough there's words from Razer that they are going to include a option to turn it off/turn it down in one of the next firmwares, just note that I don't actually mind this .. Someone that have goes from a MX510 to a Razer, I want to know, my MX510 is broken and in the meantime I have buy a little Logitech mouse (A crap one) But I have some dificults to use a standard one after using the curved MX510 shape...

Just note that this is after 2 hours of playing (still didn't get used to it totally, but that's to be expected after having a Logitech MX510 for 2 years..). : D Drivers The drivers that come with the mouse are working ok (I've installed them on another PC just to see..), there is however a updated version on the Razer homepage ( along with a firmware that fixes A LOT of annoying issues.

I can't really comment on this since it's working fine for me.

The second weak point on the mouse are the position of the 4 small buttons (2 on the left, 2 on the right) bellow that glowing .. They are too small, and just a tad bit too hard to press (I've read a lot of reviews saying that they are pressed so easy, and when lifting the mouse you always press them by accident but this is not the case for me).

Package The package is really nothing special, and I'm certainly not going to waste much words on it. It comes with drivers and with 'First Edition Certificate of Ownership'. One of them beeing that the mouse would not work after you restart your PC.

You would have to plug it out, and then plug it back in. There are a lot of beta firmware's comming out all the time, you just have to e-mail [email protected] ask them to send you a beta firmware and you will get a answer with a attachment in a few hours.

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