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Read more about it in our recent blog on NQS changes.There have been many tweaks to quality areas, the regulations and law and most are relevant to the day-to-day running of early childhood education centres.To learn more or modify/prevent the use of cookies, see our Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy.Hi , After deploying the RPD in OBIEE through MBean browser, It is getting deployed in all locations.

Within the first six months of 2018, services should concentrate on getting to know the revised quality areas and use that understanding to update their QIP,” she says, who offers a fee-for-service to guide centres on updating their QIP.“Also, make sure if you cater for school-aged children that the care ratios are correct and that your planning aligns with the changes.”She adds: “Make sure that every educator is booked into child protection training.

A Brisbane-based early education consultant, Michelle set up her business – Sustainable Childcare Consultancy – more than two years ago.

She specializes in the quality framework and providing NQS help.

There are online and external courses available, but if you are having trouble finding the right course for your area contact your regulatory authority and ask for their preferred training course.”Michelle urges centre managers to seek NQS help if they are uncertain.

This includes quizzing their regulatory authority to find out exactly where or what they need to report as requirements have changed.“They used to have to complete lengthy forms for even small incidents and report these so you can imagine the paperwork!

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