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We used our favorite nature curriculum, Exploring Nature with Children.It’s certainly grown our understanding of nature, but the little habits we formed in those early days with The Homegrown Preschooler were clearly there, a solid foundation we’ve placed so many bricks on its nearly obscured from sight.You know if our hands are moving and building it out we’ll remember it more.” This made me laugh at first, then I stopped to think about our morning so far.

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by Wendy Pfeffer An Octopus is Amazing by Patricia Lauber Starfish by Edith Herd Who Eats Who? We’ve been busy since the end of CC with many travels and are now settled in for the summer months, happily diving into our study of European History.

Once a homegrown preschooler, always a homegrown preschooler.

This weekend HGP is running a 4th of July sale on their curriculum: off A YEAR OF PLAYING SKILLFULLY or off the PLAN AND PLAY Bundle.

Remember to check your local library first before you buy something! The history of Constantinople, the Bosporous Strait, the Golden Horn, the Hagia Sofia and a whole host of stories about art, war, language, politics, religious freedom, geography, trade, architecture and education.

🙂 “You’re like a cicada nymph molting into an adult.” I hold out a months old pair of outgrown shoes in front of me. Days ago we were seated at the dining room table, painting maps and conversing about the importance of Byzantium/Constantinople/Instanbul.

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