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The disadvantage of this is that it requires women to sit still and wait to be approached (which is silly given that both parties have already expressed an interest via the mutual right-swipe), and – not to be too brutally frank about it – a lot of guys are clueless douchebags whose idea of a winning opening line is “wanna smash?” On Bumble that doesn’t happen nearly as often, because the woman initiates the conversation and has a chance to set the tone.Apps like Tinder and Bumble make it easy for you to look for love from the privacy of your home (or in a few stolen moments at work).

Men in particular have a habit of swiping right on everybody and then hoping for the best. The algorithms penalize people who swipe right on everyone by dive-bombing their standing in the card stack; if you think you’re right-swiping your way to dating heaven, you’re actually putting your profile at the bottom of the stack.

Does this mean we have to try guessing @emrazz’s knight name? Emrazz, First of Her Name, Slayer of Privilege, Bane of Misogyny, Destroyer of Minimuffins. Do you have any input on how disabled people should talk to able bodied people? The price was amazing compared to their other Trek autographs but I didn’t buy it because I’m not Chris.

Do you go around telling POC how to talk to white people or LGBTQ people how to talk to cishet people?

Opening up the age range gives more people a chance to see your profile, and you can always reject anyone who seems too immature.

Expanding your geographic range gives you a chance to meet people who might be worth the drive.

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