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In Asia and the Pacific, only 50% of transgender sex workers are aware of HIV and HIV testing, and only 50% reported using condoms consistently with clients and casual partners.11 In addition, the high costs associated with transition healthcare can put extra pressure on transgender people to make money.12 Sex workers sometimes get paid more for unprotected sex, and often feel under pressure not to use a condom, which makes them highly vulnerable to HIV.There are high rates of unprotected anal sex among transgender women, which carries a high risk of HIV transmission.13 Several factors contribute to this.One scene offers the best free Gay and Lesbian dating service online. We offer desktop apps, browser apps and mobile apps so you can keep in touch wherever you are!

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Programme data from the first nine months of implementation in the city of Chiang Mai shows:• significantly higher rates of HIV testing uptake (77%) compared with traditional group-based outreach (31%)• higher uptake of HIV test (94%) compared to those reached with traditional “hot-spot” recruitment (54%)• among clients who tested positive for HIV, those reached via social network recruitment were more likely to initiate ART (77% compared with 38%).24Case study: Community empowerment helps HIV prevention services reach thousands of transgender people in India In India, national HIV prevalence is 0.31%, whereas HIV prevalence among the transgender community is estimated to be 8.2%.25 A range of social, economic and legal factors contribute to the increased risk of HIV faced by transgender people who are marginalised and often lack access to health and other basic services.

Transgender people are one of the groups most affected by the HIV epidemic and are 49 times more likely to be living with HIV than the general population.1 Globally, it is estimated that around 19% of transgender women are living with HIV.2 Data from Latin America and the Caribbean show that HIV prevalence is much higher among transgender women sex workers than among non-transgender male and female sex workers.3 There are an estimated 25 million transgender people living around the world.4 The term transgender refers to people whose gender identity and expression are different to social expectations of their biological sex at birth.

They may see themselves as male, female, gender non-conformist, or one of a spectrum other genders.

This makes them less likely or able to access services, damages their health and wellbeing, and puts them at higher risk of HIV.

Overlapping social, cultural, legal and economic factors contribute to pushing transgender people to society’s margins.

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