Thailand coin dating

The rule of thumb is, the higher the amount of the gold, the better.

This is similar to the giving an engagement ring in the West.

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Thai coins were not dated before 1874, and since have used three different dating systems.

Thai dates are read from left to right and use Thai numerals. coins will have the date system characters before the number (see Step 2).

Using the table below, locate a series of three to four numerals.

It would be best to engage the services of a reputable Thai law firm who can assist you with Marriage Registration in Thailand and even drafting a Prenuptial Agreement to secure your assets prior to your union with your Thai fiancee.

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Tong Mun, which means gold engagement, is 24-karat gold that you give to your wife-to-be.

century coins used two different numbering systems CS and RS. This number system originates from the creation of Siam as a country in 638 AD. Dating from the start of the present ruling dynasty in 1781 AD.

The current numbering system, from 1913 to the present, is based on BE dates (from Buddhas enlightenment in 543 BC).

In fact in most of these instances, no dowry deserves to be paid.

Thai dowry, however, is usually symbolic in nature and will normally be returned to the married couple after the wedding, so as to help them start on their new life.

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