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Genuinely inspiring to see how much improvement can be conjured by a small group of dedicated outsiders.

Paul Wesley and Phoebe Tonkin Split Again, Unfollow Each Other on Instagram.

The energy of Chiron and Pluto is forced up the lines of their respective inconjuncts to the eclipse Sun fixing it in place and forcing the chart native to deal with this issue.

Because the energy of the Yod is explosively intense, it often feels like the events that arise out of the Yod feels like destiny or fate.

For the United States, this eclipse moon is opposite the US natal moon in Aquarius.

But even more pressing the eclipse moon is part of Yod, called the Finger of God, with transiting Chiron, which I call “the planet of something wrong” and Pluto, who most astrologers call the planet of transformation.

We named the @Tesla #Model S as our most significant Car of the Year winner since Motor Trend’s inception 70 years ago, so @Ed Loh headed over to Tesla HQ to chat with none other than @Elon Musk. ➡️ GV Join us for our first ever FRIENDRAISER in Silver Lake on June 20th!

The question will be: how will you fulfill your inner longing for personal fulfillment? Now you will reconcile your inner self to your public image.

Hang with SELAH volunteers and hear about local solutions to homelessness ❤️ YVR6 I recently drove a @Tesla for the first time (yes, late to the party), and it is truly an amazing car.

So many details are *years* ahead of everyone else.

So we are going to see a lot of back and forth about the rights of the people.

And we certainly saw that in Trump’s travel bans and Federal Judges batting them down.

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