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At the same time, special attention is directed to the role of Jews in the general city publications with a grand display of various issues of the popular newspaper of the 20th century, “The Odessa News”. Oistrach and others) are located next to a set of documents and articles about the 1st Ukrainian Museum of Jewish Culture and the 5 year old history of the Migdal Shorashim Museum.

Situated one next to the other, we have a picture of Jewish children in post Soviet Jewish Odessa and a rather similar photo (which dates back to 1914) of young Jewish children of Minkus celebrating Chanukah in one of the city’s sanatoriums. In another window display you can expositions related to another highly acclaimed profession where Jews were among the majority: medicine.

Students of the School of Jewish Art located in the “Migdal” centre have beautifully decorated a number of stones with images of old buildings at one point visible on the streets of Odessa.

In this next room you can find a collection of materials dedicated to the production of a major Odessa company “V. Included among other materials is the letter which the famous tea merchant Vysotsky wrote, himself, to the Jewish Enlightenment Society asking the Hebrew press to publish an acknowledgement of his award for the best essay on Jewish history.

In the window display located in that exact room you can find the “Sefer Hagada” of H. Next to this image you can look directly at the faces of early Jewish settlers heading to Eretz Israel on board the famous ship “Ruslan” (1919) In the second display case one can bare witness to the religious life of Odessa’s Jewry.

Here a collection of religious garments and ritual objects along old postcards of Odessa’s once living and breathing synagogues lead the visitor through the history of Judaism in the city.

Lilienblum and Pinsker along with world known Zionist leaders V. The city also welcomes new talent in the realm of Jewish literature such as I.

Guests also benefit from slippers and bathrobes in the bathroom. Other photographs of the main characters alive in the “Odessa Myth” (H. Here you can find names of famous doctors who had an active role in political and philanthropic organizations around the city.On the way to the next room, any visitor has a chance to set foot on the “Stones of Old Odessa”.Real guests • Real stays • Real opinions " data-tooltip-animation="false" tabindex="0" data-bbox="35.0258282853583,48.4456832931634,35.0801147984049,48.4816141263096" data-node_tt_id="location_score_tooltip" data-width="350" title="" There is easy access to a small store and a cafe as well as a restaurant under the same roof where the hotel is locating. However, I would suggest the gym should be open for more hours/accessible for the clients, and the cuisine&service during breakfast should be improved. Great location, I loved Menorah, team at the reception, the room and the view from its window.

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