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I am currently working on more improvements and feature requests so sit tight.- Fixed text cut off on small screens- Statistics activity filters are now broken up by sets of activities for greater accuracy- You can now filter Partners in statistics- Removed redundant statistics selection screen- Fixed a bug that would cause a crash on rare occasions where a given calendar cell would have no size- New: i Pad support (fixed issue with required capabilities)- New: Add an image to a partner- New: Browse entries by partner- New: Siri Shortcut support- New: Pre-defined date ranges for stats- New: 'Happy' app icon- New: 7 new icons- New: URL scheme now supports 'icons' and 'location'- New: Custom location coordinates - fixed blurry alternative app icon thumbnails- updated alternative app icons- fixed random crash on Health Kit sync issue- removed unused assets- removed redundant data from JSON backup- fixed issue with crash when trying to rename an object- fixed crash when editing partner/location with a really really long name- New Documentation page - https://io/https://for more information- custom icon for an entry is back! - fixed issue with clusters on map view not appearing- fixed issue with date range selection in stats view- fixed issue with text color on curious and glacier theme- New v3!

- NEW: Partner Statistics- stats now groups activities by entry and not individually- fixed bug in protection selection- fixed issue with incorrect 'days since last' stat- fixed issue with month label not updating correctly- memory and UI performance improvements- Added clustering to the activities map- Fixed an issue when editing a an entry, the note would be deleted I have read your emails and listened to your requests! The download link of this app will be redirected to the official App Store site, thus the app is original and has not been modified in any way._TOP_DESC_1_ _TOP_DESC_2_ _TOP_DESC_3_ _TOP_DESC_4_ _TOP_DESC_5_ _TOP_DESC_6_ _TOP_DESC_7_ _TOP_DESC_8_ _TOP_DESC_9_ _TOP_DESC_10_ _TOP_DESC_11_ _TOP_DESC_12_ _TOP_DESC_13_ _TOP_DESC_14_ _TOP_DESC_15_ _TOP_DESC_16_ _TOP_DESC_17_ _TOP_DESC_18_ _TOP_DESC_19_ _TOP_DESC_20_ _TOP_DESC_21_ _TOP_DESC_22_ _TOP_DESC_23_ _TOP_DESC_24_ _TOP_DESC_25_ _TOP_DESC_26_ _TOP_DESC_27_ _TOP_DESC_28_ _TOP_DESC_29_ _TOP_DESC_30_ _TOP_DESC_31_ All models were at least 18 y.o. at the time of the photography All pictures are presented by third parties by thier good will. Nice also integrates with Health Kit by recording your sexual activity! It's totally customizable - you can add partners, add new ”activities” to the entry choices You can even look at a graph of your activity! I thought I had an issue which turned out to totally be user error. The app LOOKS good however, even after paying the .99 for the premium features, they are inaccessible. I had made my own way of tracking activity before I found this app.View your sex statistics such as:- Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly averages- Longest, shortest, and average duration- Your favorite activity, time of day, and day of the week- Number of times protection was used Privacy! The calendar features icons on the date of your entries so you can gave a ”month at a glance” kind if look. His faq Page states that you have to write a review in order to get them for free which is why I am writing this. I used my calendar and have have one to two letter abbreviations for positions and climax count.

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