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His junior year, Brandon attempted suicide by antibiotic pills.He spent time in the Lincoln Crisis Program that diagnosed him with a personality disorder and as "transsexual" in 1992 - a word that is now considered incorrect and outdated. He bound his chest with "Ace bandages and two baggy shirts" and stuffed his pants with a rolled pair of socks to give the illusion of having male genitalia.He cut his hair short, sometimes wore suits and ties to school, and started dating girls.

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Every girlfriend interviewed by the press had the same praise for Teena: he was a great kisser, a fantastic lover, charming, handsome, and treated them kindly.Though the men had attacked Teena previously, the sheriff refused to arrest them, and the next time, it proved lethal.Because of the lack of legal protection and understanding surrounding trans people at the time, the law did very little to advocate justice on behalf of Teena.He proposed to several women during his brief dating career and lavished them with presents, meals, and movies.He ordered limousines to pick them up, sent love poems and cards, and, most importantly, "never pressured women for sex," according to the feature story about his life and death in Teena started dating Lana Tisdel in 1992, and it seemed he may have finally found his match.

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