Seven biblical truths violated by christian dating

He’s not making a subtle allusion to courtship, or saying that anyone who ever went out with more than one girl is disqualified to be a deacon (which could be a logical conclusion from Davis’ statement). Davis seems to define “security” in the above as women being protected by men.

Davis’ next argument is as follows: Here’s how it works. (Though he says sons should have security also, he never says how this happens.) This is probably related to the idea (previously explored in this post) that women need a man as a “covering,” though Davis never mentions this.

At the beginning of the lecture, Davis quotes 1 Thess.But what exactly is courtship, and how does it differ from dating (which courtship’s proponents often malign)? The name of this section is in quotes because it’s one of Doug Phillips’ favorite sayings.I therefore find it interesting that the central term in Davis’ lecture, “dating,” is never defined at any point in the talk (much like “vision,” still undefined after in the Big Box series).I saw no acknowledgement that of possible defects with his approach.Is his approach without its own problems as one would be lead to assume since none were mentioned?

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