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Designed as a hand holding a flaming sword in Irish "an cláiomh solais" or "sword of light" the mark bears the date 1916 to the right above and 1966 to the left below.

An Claidheamh Soluis (Old Irish spelling), this was hallmarked with the letter Y. Finally moving to 74/77 White Lion Street until 1970.

In 1966 a "Jubilee " fourth hallmark was introduced, only for that year, to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the Easter Rising of 1916. They have been manufacturing pipes as a business in Ireland since the 19th century. "is pleased to share that its parent company, Laudisi Enterprises, will acquire Kapp & Peterson, Ltd., specifically the Peterson pipe factory in Sallynoggin and the Peterson of Dublin shop on Nassau Street." In the following Blog Post, Sykes Wilford, President and CEO of Laudisi Enterprises, reflects upon the acquisition and what it means for the two brands. Peterson website The Peterson brand of pipes are one of the most recognised in the world.The original 1890 'system' pipe patent expired at around this time.The Irish free state came into being in December 1922. Peterson followed with a stamp of "Irish Free State" in either one or two lines, either parallel or perpendicular to the shanks axis and extremely close to the stem. Eventually the Irish people voted for a new constitution in 1937 and Ireland then formally became Eire (Ireland in Irish).

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