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I'm a biology teacher and would like to be able to explain this method clearly to my students. In the example of K-Ar: Diffusion of Ar is so fast that a given mineral should have completely degassed all of it's Ar once the mineral cooled below a certain temperature.I'm good with carbon dating of biological materials but the inorganic dating has always been a puzzle for me. In this case, the initial concentration of Ar is zero.Therefore, the 207Pb/206Pb ratio has not change since the mineral formed.

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What I'm having difficulty with is how we know the initial proportions.In practice this is not always true, leading to an "excess Ar" problem.In the U-Pb system: Zircon takes up very little or no Pb when it forms, so we usually assume that all the Pb is radiogenic.Thus, minerals with high abundance of the parent will have high abundance of daughter, and likewise for those with low abundances.The y-intercept of the isochron is therefore the initial daughter. We measure the mass of Pb-204, which is the only Pb isotope that is not the product of radioactive decay.

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