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Nicki Minaj and Drake’s relationship has been a source of curiosity for their respective fanbases over the years. Even when there were things happening, even when I couldn’t speak to him, I think he felt the love that I will always have for him.’ That comment was a reference to Nicki’s former relationship with Meek Mill, who beefed with Drake for a number of years.

There have been the collaborations, the beefs and – of course – the infamous Anaconda video. ‘It was one of the hardest parts of my career to date, ever,’ Nicki told Lowe about the feud between her ex-boyfriend and Drake.

Speaking to Beats 1’s Zane Lowe, Nicki revealed that she regularly finds that ‘Drake is always mad at me over something’. ‘I was behind the scenes, of course, wishing it never happened, even prior to it happening,’ she recalled. I said: “Don’t do that.” ‘I think as artists, we all look back on things that we shouldn’t have done.

Drake and Nicki are not dating and they’re not married.And it appears that the pair are still going strong after all these years – in a friendly way, naturally. ‘At the time, I did love both of them and I couldn’t erase the love that I had for my team. I couldn’t really say much and I felt so imprisoned in that moment. ” ‘He said that throughout the whole beef that that was the only thing he was worried about, because that would’ve been so hurtful and painful for both of us.But that hasn’t stopped Nicki – who announced her comeback yesterday with two fiery new singles – comparing her relationship with Drizzy to that of ‘an old married couple’. ‘When we later spoke about it, Drake said: “I wasn’t worried about anything in the entire situation other than: what if Nicki takes a shot? And so it was difficult to stay out of it.’ Nicki said that she attempted to end the beef between the pair but was unsuccessful in her efforts.The question on everybody’s mind is, “Are Drake and Nicki Minaj dating?” We will tell you all we know about Drake’s latest escapade involving yet another femme fatale.

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