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Speaking to that, how do you think the dating landscape has changed with the rise of online dating? So, even though we’re getting more avenues and more people, we’re discarding quicker and we’re not giving people a chance, because maybe their shoes are wrong or maybe they don’t have enough hair on their head.

We have more opportunity to meet people we’ve never met before, internationally, not just in the United States. It’s so strange, especially men versus women, there is always going to be someone better around the corner.

Then the other thing is that we know too much about our lives.

Let’s say, for instance, that you’re tweeting about the place you went last night, and you got drunk with your girlfriends.

We checked in with the matchmaker in preview of the show's new season to get some dating advice for the perennially single among us out here in the real world. " And in a big city, especially around Christmastime, you need a reservation. I think the first thing is making it fun and flirty.Most men have the worst pictures they ever dreamed of themselves on their Facebook pages.And they don’t think about that stuff, it’s not important to them. So you’re going to discard a guy — because women are much more critical when it comes to looks — because he wore the wrong pair of pants and is still wearing his members only jacket.Say what you want about Patti Stanger, aka Bravo's Millionaire Matchmaker (and you could say a lot — the woman isn't exactly known for being reserved), but the career matchmaker and dating expert knows a thing or two about the language of love.Or, at least, the language of prepping two strangers for an awkward date and hoping they've followed her advice.

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