Parcel post tracking not updating

Parcelforce did not even know where it was when I called them, so will I use them for anything urgent or expensive?I complained to Paypal and their response was we cannot do anything (except endorse the Parcelforce service through your website links and tracking numbers alongside your order history), but refer you back to Parcelforce.Library Mail Same as Media Mail but cheaper and limited only to public libraries, museums, academic institutions, etc. This is because it's sent by using China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus which is a cheap service of China Post.

We are currently unable to confirm that status of your parcel. Please note that items sent over 4 months ago cannot be tracked online.Pricing largely depends on the shipment’s weight and distance.Priority Mail Day specific deliver from 1-3 days Flat rate envelopes and boxes are available.If you are tracking a parcel sent from outside of the UK, we may not have received it yet. Sometimes they collect Parcel Force parcels well before 4pm, I remember queuing around pm at my local post office to drop off a Parcel Force parcel and the courier for them arrived to collect them while I was at the counter.Also I know that if you pay for your Parcel Force label through Pay Pal postage, it will not show as scanned until the Parcel Force courier collect and scans it.

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