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He finds it hard, without a pair Of spectacles, to shoot the hare: He put his spectacles upon his nose, and said, "Now I will shoot the hares, and kill them dead." The hare sits snug in leaves and grass And laughs to see the green man pass.Now, as the sun grew very hot And he a heavy gun had got, He lay down underneath a tree And went to sleep, as you may see. I am not a cd, tv, or crossdresser, but many of my friends my boy and girlsxxx they can't therefore...i tell you I am not a cd. This dress is 20 years old, was worn by models in my seminars. kiss my boy and girls, Love XXX click to see close ups of the shoes etc i had email from older gentleman that liked to dress up and wife doesnt like it. i should have worn a new silver anklet...sorry Michael. kiss my boy and girls, Love XXX click to see close ups of the shoes etc i had email from older gentleman that liked to dress up and wife doesnt like it. I will go over the points that make ita number 10 on the la femme scale.* full ruffled skirt* peek a boo eyelet to see the red lining* men love holes* vee neck, no lapels, they are sharp like swords* no hardware or metal, no belt buckle or buttons...a sash is used tied in pussy cat bow* ruffle on ruffle, lace trims the edges* sleeves are flared no cuffs, cuffs are barrier, ruffle lines are EASY ACCESS.* puff sleeves, are " shoulder shrug a flirting gesture* black is prostitute, the bad girl* red is enthusiasm, so this is the " enthusiastic whore shoes, ties are bondage, at the ankles, and toe cleavage is vagina.little net gloves, just added.These are normally when they are away and I find myself on my own for a few days.They are fully aware I dress up as a woman as it is obvious I have shaved my legs, chest and arms and reshaped my eyebrows, this cannot be hidden but I am truly grateful I am allowed to shave off my body hair.The result is often an attempt to wear certain outfits and make-up styles but more surprising, to me anyway, is I suddenly get a notion to pose in ways that surprise my male self!I would be lying if I didn’t admit I find this absolutely thrilling and rather erotic and I love the idea of a man desiring me as a woman and not realising I am really a man.

I decided to put on a woman’s shirt that had one of those gorgeous big collars and long cuffs that are never found on a man's shirt.

From this alluring lady I can’t refrain She’s got a toxic mix to drive a man insane We got home late on Saturday night And to avoid a confrontation we crept in without lights But this potion, oh what a notion, man we were as high as a kite Now for some reason I can’t recall, I got this bright idea and I decided to crawl, Into her parents room to say hi, while wearing nothing at all.

Oh what seemed a great idea then, Quickly turned to mayhem when, her mother woke her father with a scream so full of horror That he jumped from his bed And with a fist to my head He guaranteed I never see her again ~Eric Mc Grath Makeup & photos by Andy at Translife..

I can also recall I once had a job where everyone had to get changed into working clothing and I would get wolf whistles when other workers saw my legs and jokey lines shouted across to me such as 'you should of been a girl with those legs'..only they knew the half of it!

As a man I am rather dull and not at all adventurous yet I find something goes on when I dress up as Helene that makes me feel more daring, more willing to push myself.

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