Pagdating ng mga amerikano sa labas

/plural soliloquies/ is the act of speaking one’s thoughts aloud in solitude; a speech in a play through which a character reveals his/ her thoughts to the audience, but not to any of the other characters, by voicing them aloud , usually in solitude. Grolier International Dictionary defines soliloquy as a literary or dramatic form of discourse in which a character talks to himself/ herself or reveals his/her thoughts in the form of a monologue without addressing a listener; the act of speaking to oneself in or as in solitude.Hindi tulad ng mga blog posts ng Abril at Mayo nitong mga nakaraang taon, walang salaysay o mga larawan dito tungkol sa bakasyon sa lalawigan ang kasalukuyang sanaysay na ito.I, the weird blogger behind this blog site have a Facebook account which either I fortunately and unfortunately, deactivate or reactivate depending on the situation and I am not an active user there anyway but friendly comments and other feedback can be sent through Twitter @weirdjtt or if you have Google account; please note that any comment, tweet or e-mail containing unpleasant message, suspicious links, or received by the Spam folder will not be entertained.

I think that I'll be returning soon to that search for a publishing company like I did in the past and so I must lay down my "pride" for my other unpublished manuscripts.

Celebrate democracy, exercise freedom of expression. This blog homepage has other pages as well; refer to the side bar of this page.

For readers who don't understand the Filipino essays here, do not rely on your browser's online translator because the translation is so awful; better ask a real Filipino to interpret these for you. It remains advertising-free and adamantly against displaying links to malicious websites especially porn and other filthy cybergarbage such as some of those listed in the traffic sources of pageviews appearing in the blog's dashboard statistics and that include PORN SITE ADMINISTRATORS OUT THERE WHO KEEP ON PESTERING DECENT BLOG SITES ALL OVER THE WORLD BY ADVERTISING YOUR URL IN THE STATISTICS TRAFFIC SOURCES!

It is understandable when all the dreamers have mostly failed or have seen their ideals reduced in effect.

It is understandable when one sees that the earlier generations could not do more than make token and some slight changes in society.

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