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On this day the President addresses the nation, state flags flutter in the streets and the national anthem sounds.

And in the evening magnificent festive fireworks will thunder over many cities.

This is because the Orthodox Churches of a number of countries (Ukraine, Israel, Macedonia, Serbia, Georgia) continue to use the Julian, or "Old Style" Calendar, which is currently 13 days behind the Gregorian Calendar.

The lag time between the two calendars increases by roughly one day every 100 years. They are January 1-2, Christmas, Easter, Independence Day of Ukraine etc.

Maslenitsa is a greeting of a long-awaited Spring, cheerful farewell of Winter.

Since then this day is considered to be the student's holiday and St. This is one of the most romantic and magical days in a year.

Women's Day is a really big holiday in Ukraine and a very special day for Ukrainian ladies.

On this day men congratulate their girlfriends, mothers, grandmothers, daughters, sisters and thank them for their warmth and care.

It is interesting that a piece of the relics of St.

Valentine are kept in Ukraine — in the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin of Sambora city in Lviv region.

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