Non validating dom parser

A non validating parser doesn't validate the XML file against a DTD or XML Schema.

Both Validating and non validating parser checks for the well formed ness of the xml document.

NOTE: The OASIS/NIST test suite is currently in draft state, and can't actually be used without modifications to the configuration file, which is used both to generate the test documentation published at the OASIS/NIST site and to operate this test harness.

In some cases, test cases may need to be reclassified; this would affect results attributed to parsers. Sections presenting test results are composed largely of tables, with explanations focussing on exactly what those tables indicate.

The first step we should do is to learn how to parse and print a simple XML document using both DOM and SAX.

This will help you to get the basic concepts in parsing and how does DOM API differ from SAX.

6.1.1 Using DOM parses a XML file and prints it on the console . This is a two stage process, first it parses the XML file and creates a tree structure in the memory.

The next stage is to traverse the tree and print the contents.

Some such comments indicate the reporting category defined in the XML specification.You can also modify the document by adding or removing Nodes.The Dom tree is composed of nodes and they are of 12 types: SAX PARSING TECHNIQUE SAX (Simple API for XML) is an event-driven model for processing XML. Rather than building a complete representation of the document, a SAX parser fires off a series of events as it reads the document from beginning to end.Diagnostics for failed tests are presented in italics, with a cherry colored background, to highlight the result.Diagnostics for succesful tests should as a rule only exist for negative tests.

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