Nice and clear dating lounge

But of course we need to keep the loyal Qo S VIP lounge members happy too and so by popular demand we have returned to bring you another fantastic interview.

Not only is this member the first Qo S VIP for 2017 but she is also the Blackto White employee of the month being a recent staff member who joined the team and has done a fabulous job coming on-board and helping to keep the site running smoothly.

So I’d like everyone to join me in welcoming the @Lebanon BBCLover couple to the VIP Lounge. Thanks for agreeing to do this interview and I appreciate you jumping right on this although it took me some time on my part to get settled back down on the Big Black Bull Love-sofa to do this.

Lebanon BBCLover (LBL): Thanks for hosting me and I am so happy to be interviewed here for this great site and I wish all the information I give here will inspire other white couples to venture into the wonderful life of BBC Interracial Love.

Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule working being a hot wife and moderating the Bt W site to have a little chat with the Big Black Bull Qo S VIP Club host with the most gracious BBC to boast.

A toast to you and the hubby and accept a complimentary bottle of Spades from the Good Ol’ club member and President Big Black Bull. I’m honored to be chosen for the Qos VIP lounge interview.

I could see and feel the bulge in his boxer short and he seemed to be so huge.

I started to moan and I could feel his big cock bursting out of his boxer short.

In no time he took off his boxer short and pushed his monster cock into my hot wet pussy and I screamed so loudly because I was virgin when I married my husband and my pussy was still so tight but eventually I could managed to take it slowly until it went all the way inside me and he kept fucking me for about one hour while my husband and the other guys were watching and then when he finally shot his seed inside me, the other guys took over and continued fucking me until late that night and they all left.

And was the baby your hubby’s or one of the Black studs you met in Jamaica?

LBL Wife: Yes I was almost a virgin though my husband broke my cherry but the actual stretching was done by the three Jamaican guys.

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