Mos def and alicia keys dating dating a man in the army

Keys began her set with 2007’s “Superwoman,” a girl-power jam intended to inspire Clinton’s base.

She gave a rousing rendition, but as she belted out “I am a superwoman / Yes I am,” the sentiment felt strangely unconvincing, given the years of public controversy that undermined her character.

It's no surprise that Beatz is also involved in the Bronx Charter School for the Arts and the Children's Rights Organization, which lends legal services to protect the rights of foster children. You could say it's all for their images, that celebs do nice stuff to get noticed and not be seen as the bad guy. I've met lots of celebrities and celebrity couples.

If the second night of the 2016 Democratic National Convention seemed vaguely anachronistic, it wasn’t just because of the primetime appearances of ’90s politicians Bill Clinton and Madeleine Albright.

When Alicia Keys (née Alicia Augello Cook) first hit the national stage in 2001 with her debut album Songs in A Minor, she embodied retro chic.

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But it turned out Keys was in a long-term, quasi-secret relationship with her musical collaborator Kerry “Krucial” Brothers.

He's also enrolled at Harvard Business School, and together with Keys, he's involved with the Keep A Child Alive foundation to help children orphaned by AIDS.

What impressed me most about watching them was how they were so intimate with one another in such a big room.

The headlines, which were once so complimentary, turned sour: “Is Alicia Keys Wrecking a Marriage? "; and, perhaps most damning, “Why Does Swizz Beatz Keep Ruining Alicia Keys?

” Even after Keys and Beatz wed in 2010, after she denied the rumors she interfered in his first marriage in Essence magazine, and after the love triangle made peace (even vacationing together), the notion persisted that her career had been tarnished by the bad publicity.

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