Mobile me not updating

I therefore deleted the old calendar on my i Phone and it disappeared on the Mac as well. Then I re-imported the exported (old) calendar and gave it a new name. Probably would work using the old name as well (since internally the app uses calendar-IDs). All Events) So I could not see my data from prior months even though it was there in i Cloud.

It took me a while to realise that only the "Appointments" calendar was failing to Sync.I created a new "Appointments2 calendar which appears to work normally".I was planning to migrate my "Appointments" to "Appointments2" using Outlook (because its easy) ...Another symptom of a broken shared calendar is that it causes Outlook Sync (installed by i Cloud Control Panel on Windows) to hang (i.e. The only solution that seems to work in this situation is to create an entirely new shared calendar.The new shared calendar should accept new appointments and sync them to all devices, but it won't have the appointments from your old broken shared calendar.

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