Men confess dating frustration updating sky hd epg

That means that unlike women, who are adept at multitasking, men have a hard time moving on from a problem until it's solved.

When a man feels cared about and free to say whatever he wants, you'll be hard-pressed to shut him up.

"Almost all guys worry that if they don't succeed, they'll be seen as a failure," Farrell says. "Rather than addressing his feelings of powerlessness, play to his strengths." If, say, he lost his job and hasn't found another, tell him it's proof of how awful the economy is that a guy with his amazing résumé hasn't gotten an offer.

"In particular, a man fears that his partner will lose her faith in him and her respect for him." Now that you know how vulnerable your guy really is, you may be tempted to baby him. "Even if he doesn't open up that second," July explains, "your confidence in him will raise the odds that he will next time." He's Pondering Some Other Problem Guys are linear thinkers.

"A woman will often take a man's silence to be a bad thing because she assumes it means that he doesn't want to communicate with her or he just doesn't care," says William July, Ph D, author of Understanding the Tin Man.

"But that's almost never the case." Your guy does care—he just can't always get the words out.

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