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The AR monogram was a special mark reserved for objects used by the court of Elector August the Strong, (Augustas Rex), founder of the Meissen factory.

Although most documentation dates the AR use only up to 1730, it was also added to pieces produced for the court of his son, August III, who succeeded him in 1733.

Occasionally the mark was added to gifts produced for royal visitors.

The AF monogram was used exclusively for porcelains designed for Prince Elector Frederick Augustas III This monogram mark is a reliable date stamp for Meissen pieces because it was only used in 1733-1734.

In June of that same year a royal porcelain factory in Meissen (commissioned by Augustas), was completed, and the operation was transferred from Dresden to Meissen.

The and his wife, Nancy, have a pottery business in Erwin, Tennessee.

It's often marked with Alamo Pottery started about 1945 in San Antonio, Texas, making small vitreous ceramics and art ware.

Alamo Pottery expanded to Hondo, Texas, and became a profitable sanitary ware business.

• Image Source: a detailed history of Meissen Porcelain, factory marks, date marks, artists, molders, throwers, and maker’s marks, by Jim Harren: Meissen Porcelain: German Porcelain – Volume 1.

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