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When you're done just untick "order recieved" from the list of optional columns.The Message class provides a single point of access to all things to do with an email message.Note: This standard specifies that messages are made up of characters in the US-ASCII range of 1 through 127.There are other documents, specifically the MIME document series [RFC2045, RFC2046, RFC2047, RFC2048, RFC2049], that extend this standard to allow for values outside of that range.One gotcha here is that Mail will insert Message-IDs when calling encoded, so doing mail1.encoded == mail2.encoded is most probably not going to return what you think as the assigned Message-IDs by Mail (if not already defined as the same) will ensure that the two objects are unique, and this comparison will ALWAYS return false.

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This setting is ignored by mail (though still available as a flag) if you define a delivery_handler Two emails are the same if they have the same fields and body contents.

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Visit Stack Exchange Thunderbird (2.something here as 3 is still not stable and had some nasty bugs last I tried) sorts mails by date by default.

The Message Id Field object will automatically generate a unique message ID if you try and encode it or output it to_s without specifying a message id.

It will preserve the message ID you specify if you do.

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