Liveupdate not updating

Because this is such a common problem in migrations using Export/Import, I kept looking for a plugin, and that's when I saw Go Live Update URLs. And this plugin found what was not found by these other plugins.

All of my img links to the old server are now pointing to the new site.

The Media Library was missing most of what should have been there.

The images in the posts remained on the old server.

It captured some of those remote images and pulled them in. Those it captured did end up in the Media Library, so yay for that.

Without a log, though, I don't know what worked and what didn't. And it was finding references in other tables, including the options table.

The production website on the other server was thus not going to move itself out of the way to let the plug in do everything the end customer might wish for. worked out for me the last times on simple WP sites.

The host provider has since put changes into motion and from first glances at the wp.content seems pretty sure that the plug in got the urls ready, and when the server adjustment are replicated with the worldwide servers, the Word Press material will in fact be usable at, and I will be finally be able to get back into the WP admin via and close any small gaps. But facing sites with lot of plugins i would need the pro version to update custom DB tables.

I handled a migration from that ended up pulling in only some of the images.

If the UAC (User Account Control) system is enabled on the computer or the user does not have sufficient rights in th OS, a window requesting confirmation/increase of the user's permissions will be shown at the attempt to update.

When you sign in to comment, IBM will provide your email, first name and last name to DISQUS.

Goes through entire site and replaces all instances of an old url with a new one. Some plugins will store the data in the database serialized which does not allow for easy updating of the data.

Check out Go Live Update Urls Pro for more features including priority support, the ability to test a URL before running, updating of tables created by plugins, and so much more!

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