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But Sagard did not speak of the name of this ceremony.

They might have had marital partners there as well, as that would strengthen the social bonds between trading partners and nations.

Early European recorders speak of such relationships in terms of a male perspective, not even considering that young women might have had decision-making authority in these matters.

Nothing recorded in writing illustrates this better than a sexual ceremony of the Wendat.

Brother Gabriel Sagard, a member of the Recollect order, not a Jesuit, observed during his stay with the Wendat in 1623-24 a significant healing ceremonial event in the culture: “In the Huron country there are also assemblies of all the girls in a town at a sick woman’s couch, either at her request according to an imagination [vision] or dream she may have had, or by order of the Oki [shaman] for her health and recovery.

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