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As a voice barked at him to step out of the vehicle, Pokora realized he’d walked into a trap.

In the detention area of the adjoining US Customs and Border Protection building, an antiseptic room with a lone metal bench, Pokora pondered all the foolish risks he’d taken while in thrall to his Xbox obsession.

Pokora could see his father sitting in a room outside the holding cell, on the other side of a thick glass partition.

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But he became wholly enamored with the craft as a preteen on a family trip to Poland.But he kept chipping away at his code until it was immaculate, a labor-intensive process that filled him with unexpected joy.By the time he got back home, he was hooked on the psychological rewards of bending machines to his will.An hour into their journey on March 28, 2014, the Pokoras crossed the Lewiston–Queenston Bridge and hit the border checkpoint on the eastern side of the Niagara Gorge.An American customs agent gently quizzed them about their itinerary as he scanned their passports in his booth.

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