Kurama dating quiz

After practice, Hiei was feeling overwhelmed with emotions that he had no interest in facing when Yusuke came up behind him, patting him heavily on the back, "So, what's going on with you and Mr. don't really know..."He wasn't expecting and actual answer when Hiei said that, Yusuke was somewhat taken aback, "Okay... It's nice to have such a lovely thing to kiss."Kurama felt his face start to burn, "Oh, um, thank you...that's really sweet of you, Hiei."Shrugging, the spiky haired teen just looked down for the bus. She should tell me by tomorrow, though," he let out a stream of grey smoke, "The test was pretty easy today, though.

He wasn't sure if he wanted the bus to come faster or not at all."Did Ms. Probably because of all the studying you made me do."Kurama chuckled softly, "Studying, it does your GPA good.""You may be pretty, but you're still a nerd," Hiei rolled his eyes as he noticed his bus was nearing, throwing the cigarette to the sidewalk and grinding it slightly with his heel."I'll see you tomorrow," Kurama picked up his bag as well and started to head home, with a grunt being the only answer he received.

Hey, Keiko wanted me to invite you to stay at the hotel with us after prom.""Hotel?

""Yeah, it's gonna be the usual four of us; me n' Keiko and Kuwabara n' Yukina.

Keeping his eyes closed, Kurama sat up to take a deep breath.

maybe he would have been better off not knowing the feel of that soft skin or the scent of his floral shampoo. " he was failing at hiding the disappointment from his voice."I'm not saying that..." he smirked, looking over the slightly ruffled redhead, "You're pretty.

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I was kind of hoping that you could convince Hiei to come out as well.""Hiei doesn't seem like the type to care about the prom.""He's not, that's why I was wondering if you could try to convince him to go.""If he doesn't like the prom...""I think he'd like it if he were going with you," Yusuke cut in, but quickly turned down the street, "My place is this way, I'll see you tomorrow!

"Kurama blinked, now he was even more confused, Hiei did actually like him... He hadn't really thought about whether or not Hiei had actually liked him, and now that he knew, he was extremely pleased. The redhead sighed as he pulled his keys out of his bag, now he felt like a pathetic excuse for a shoujo manga.

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