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They do a live performance in front of Knives Chau and Neil (who's no longer called "Young"), neither of whom are very impressed.

Having lost their only two potential fans, Scott and Kim decide they don't really care and continue playing for Ramona's cat.

Kimberly "Kim" Pine is Scott's ex-girlfriend and also the drummer for Sex Bob-omb, Scott's band.

During gigs (or even just when practicing at home) Kim counts in the band, usually by screaming some variation of: "We are Sex Bob-omb!!

As Scott leaves to fight Gideon back in Toronto, Kim gives him one last kiss for luck, but states "it'll never happen again." Kim appears during the final battle between Scott and Gideon, somehow aware of the battle even though she is still in Northern Ontario.

When Kim comes back to Toronto, she and Scott form a new band, "Shatter Band".

Ramona decides to get some alone time from Scott while he deals with the twin's robots and Kim joins her.

While hanging out, Kim snaps a shot of Ramona's head while it's glowing and asks what it's all about. The night ends with all three of them drunk, semi-conscious on a bed, and contemplating what to major in if they want to go back to school: dating, rugby, zoological anthropology, shopping, and tequila.

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Kim met Scott Pilgrim in Northern Ontario, when he transferred to St. At the time, Scott and Lisa Miller had already met and the two had already decided to start a band.

In volume 6, Scott takes Wallace's advice (forcefully) and goes on a wilderness sabbatical up north while also visiting Kim.

He stays with Kim and while going out in the woods, Scott kisses Kim, admitting that everything with Ramona had been complicated and that Kim was the one constant in his life.

Kim admires Ramona and drunkenly tells Scott & Ramona "You guys...

I seriously love you." Kim and Knives Chau make out briefly while drunk at the start of Volume 4.

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