Iq dating

Having a high IQ could be a tool at achieving so many great things if it is channeled in the right direction.Getting into a relationship with someone with a high IQ could mean that you see things from a different light than you are used to.According to a study, it was discovered that people with a high IQ are more prone to anxiety and worrying about what their lives will be like.This may not be such a bad thing, as they are better able to anticipate and prepare for threats.Conversely, being poor at communicating will negatively impact your life.Let’s take a look at how to master effective communication skills at work and home.According to a study, it was discovered that people with high IQ are more selective when they perceive objects in motion.

They treat the issues facing the world with more criticism.

Still, thinking highly of themselves may make them more prone to rebel and chart new paths for themselves.

People with a high IQ do not get into a relationship for the mere fun of it.

Strong communication skills help you enjoy better relationships with friends and family.

Being an effective communicator will give you advantages in more ways than you can imagine.

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