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“You can’t have an account on Twitter and get famous within a week if you’re not an influencer.

If you’re a simple person who wants to discuss something it’s impossible. It will be automatically recognized and suggested to other users who are interested in these sort of things.

If you want to chat more freely online without being defined by your existing social graph the options are less mainstream friendly to say the least.

Twitter is genuinely great if you’re willing to put in the time and effort to find interesting strangers.

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While genuine friend chatter has moved behind the quasi-closed doors of group messaging apps, like Facebook-owned Whats App (or rival Telegram).

“People are really tired of something really follower based,” argues Moiseenkov.

“All this stuff with a following, liking and so on.

But you can just create a chat or enter any chat within Capture and instantly be heard. So we want every user to be heard within Capture.” Capture’s AI-powered chatroom recommendations are designed to work as an onboarding engine for meeting relevant strangers online — using neural networks and machine learning to do the legwork of surfacing relevant people and chats.

Here’s how the mobile app works: Open the app, point the camera at something you view as a conversational jumping off point — and watch as it processes the data using computer vision technology to figure out what you’re looking at and recommend related chats for you to join.

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