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Alaska is for the tough people who don’t need sewage, just ask the Bush People…

We don’t have much to say from a firsthand experience sort of angle, given that none of us have been to AK in our adult lives.

Listed by state, with a picture or two here and there, and our notes and the thoughts of other full-time travelers sprinkled throughout. It was six months into our relationship, the Lady and I–along with my then 9 year old son–were living in a Volkswagen Bus and making a pilgrimage from Texas to Florida.

A small state park just outside of Mobile, Alabama set the scene for a romantic dinner of smoked salmon and torn bread, a little mustard, a few pickles, and some beers.

That would only leave 7 parks open that could accommodate RVs for overnight stays, and it leaves the state of the entire parks system in question for the future. Oh right, “Alabama, the devil fools with the best laid plans.” Decades later it looks like they’re still working out the kinks.

As many of the Cotton State’s parks allow weekly and even monthly stays, there appears to be no maximum stay.

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While the Grand Canyon gets much of the attention in Arizona, the state park offerings are exemplary as well. From the campground, the Santa Catalina Mountains boast impressive granite cliffs to the south.

If you were going to define your dream home, what would you include?

A nice sized yard, immediate access to nature and spectacular views?

As our little entourage of rugrats grew in number, our desires changed a bit.

We moved out of the city RV parks and into the “suburbs” you could say.

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