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This contrasts with other diapsid reptiles, where these openings were directed upwards, thus being visible only in top view.

The antorbital fenestra would have been located in front of the eye opening, although this region is not preserved.

An alternate hypothesis, now less favored, postulates that they could have formed a scaffold supporting a skin sail.

They might have been used for display, combat, or defense.

; "La Amarga lizard") is a genus of sauropod dinosaur from the Early Cretaceous epoch (129.4–122.46 mya) of what is now Argentina.

The only known skeleton was discovered in 1984 and is virtually complete, including a fragmentary skull, making Amargasaurus one of the best-known sauropods of its epoch.

The only known skeleton (specimen number MACN-N 15) was discovered in February 1984 by Guillermo Rougier during an expedition led by the famous Argentine paleontologist José Bonaparte.

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A herbivore, it shared its environment with at least three other sauropod genera, which might have exploited different food sources in order to reduce competition.

They were circular in cross section and tapered towards their tips.

The tallest spines could be found on the middle part of the neck, where they reached 60 centimeters (24 inches) on the 8th cervical.

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