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If you’re shooting model headshots, a black or white tank top or t-shirt would be fine.For a professional business photo, the subject should dress the way they normally would on the job.Headshots are also very shareable—did you know that pictures with faces perform almost 40% better on Instagram? These tips for taking headshots will have you on your way in no time.Taking on more professional headshot gigs means your clients will share your work. Read on for how to take a professional headshot that you and your client will love.

The best headshot photographers come extra-prepared with things like clips for oddly-fitted clothing, and powder for shiny skin.That’s why headshot photography can be a major boost for your online photography portfolio.It’s a great way to build your photography business and land more clients.To create this effect, you’ll want a wide aperture lens.Check out our definitive roundup of the best portrait lenses to help you make the choice!

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