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Seed company licensees can make the business plans that make the most sense for their operations and their customers.

Even though the Roundup Ready soybean trait will no longer be on patent, it will continue to be regulated for export because it is a biotech trait.

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The more welcoming Monsanto becomes, the more opportunities we have to better serve farmers as they steward the land.

In addition to the trait patent, most Roundup Ready soybeans are protected by other forms of intellectual property, such as varietal patents.Scientists mapped the soybean genome, developed better trait insertion techniques and identified better traits to help farmers yield more bushels per acre.One result of all three of those accomplishments has been Monsanto’s development of Genuity Genuity Roundup Ready 2 Yield trait technology is the next-generation of the Roundup Ready soybean trait.You set your minimum to 0 and you write only people with 0 limit.You only need to upgrade when you want to write someone who has a higher minimum.

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