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Yunho meets a Korean tour guide and forces the girl to take him sight-seeing.At the same time, the girl's father gets into trouble and soon U-Know and the rest of the band are called in to save the day.

After a photoshoot in a secluded, forested area, all five band members are told to rest in the house they are staying at.

The release date for the drama has not been confirmed, even though the drama was shot in 2006." I'm wondering what's up with it as well. They want to conquer Asia, so they are on their way. I hear Korean record sales are down, I don't know about Japan...

farahmicky8 Por cierto, recuerdan el video de Jae dándole de comer a Yun Ho?

Jaejoong is my favorite member, and after seeing how Yunho treats him, I got mad at him.

I thought that Jaejoong should be with someone that genuinely loves and cares about him, someone who appreciates his warmth.

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