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It causes a problem for testing, so it's something we will be fixing before the release of the alpha. We're all pretty tired, as it has been very late and long working days.

We had a new programmer and new designer start this week, and some assistance from the Arm A3 team to prepare the creation of our own audio team.

The Not-so-Good news I was initially quite surprised because we still had a very high starting frame usage.

15000 loot items were using 1 FPS, that's right - just 1!

We're looking forward to getting the Alpha out into Early-Access.

I think that while some might be disappointed that this is not some feature-packed, graphically focused, masterpiece - we've been focused on addressing the major architectural issues and it's represented a body of work over the last 12 months.

It appears the server loses about 3 FPS per 40 players. At that time, it was our first efforts with this number and we immediately found some missed areas of optimization, so with our next mass test we expect better results.

The more players we threw at the server, its FPS numbers didn't change.

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Our aim was to reduce the massive FPS burden that all these dynamic objects bought, grinding the server to a halt.The main problem appeared to be That means below 10 FPS, zombie behavior could be noticeably affected.The Good news We are no longer player number bound.But for some reason, 1000 zombies (despite all but 10 being at rest) were using a whopping 35 FPS.It didn't make sense and we've been going through this, optimizing and looking for the reason.

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