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A sacred thread, colored yellow with turmeric is tied around the groom’s wrists.

In a similar ceremony or puja, a yellow thread is also tied around the bride’s wrists.

Marriage Agreement– The marriage agreement is drafted next by the priests on both sides once the marriage is fixed.Typical Tamil weddings are more about sticking to the age old customs and traditions than a lavish affair.For the Tamilians, the spiritual symbolism of a wedding is paramount rather than all the pomp and show.After completion of the puja, the bride seeks blessings from each Sumangali and gives her some special gift like a saree or jewelry. Pallikal Thellichal – Earthenware pots are decorated with vermillion and sandalwood paste by five or seven married women of the family or both the bride and the groom’s families.Inside each pot, nine different types of grains or navadhaanyam are placed along with a bit of curd.

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