Dating a man with abandonment issues

In the previous article, I focused on the impact of a son’s relationship to his father, while this article focuses on a son’s early relationship with his mother.

From infancy, every child needs the tender touch, attention, comfort, nurture, and love of a mother.

The ancient song-writer, King David, wrote, “Though my father and mother forsake me, the LORD will receive me” (Psalm ).A Christian counselor will point to Jesus as our True Healer.Before our souls can be healed, our emotional wounds need to be acknowledged, grieved, and forgiven.Or, alternatively, they are avoided and devalued, once an idealized woman proves to be untrustworthy, and they are thereafter perceived to be always absent.Men who experience emotional wounding in their relationships with their mother can be ambivalent toward women. They can fixate on feminine objects of desire in order to fill the deprivation of mother love.

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