Dating a cancer sign woman

It is in the most private moments where she prefers to express her most compassionate nature.She is an affectionate lover who prefers intimate exchanges versus the good old romp in the hay.If you want to impress her, you’re going to have to step up your game to make her free herself from her protective shell. With the motto of “I Feel,” you’ll know she’s all about emotions and feelings.

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Of course, if you break through all barriers and she feels she can trust you, you’ll feel the intensity of her love in the bedroom.Of course, there is a clear separation between the role of lover and “mother” in her mind.But, but should the relationship slip into a day to day routine where romance becomes a secondary concern, she’ll attempt to nurture through a motherly role and then eventually wonder where the romance has gone.Empathetic, soft, gentle, yet strong, independent, and a born leader, she is the epitome of lunar energies and their dualistic vibrations.Since the Moon has such an influence on bodies of water, when it comes to the Cancer Woman the Moon, she is a “go with the flow” kind of lady.

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