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Square, rectangular, fluted and other custom shape pipe products are also available.

Pipe sizes range to over 12.750 inch outside diameter. Custom Manufacturer Of Metal Pole Markers, Metal Nameplates, Decorative Trim, Labels, Dog Tags, Graphic Overlays, Decals, Urethane Lensed Labels, Metal Tags.

Head protection also can serve to help protect employees from splashes, rain, high heat, and exposure to ultraviolet light.

In this article, we will discuss many of the frequently asked questions related to hard hats. OSHA requires, in .135, that if the following hazardous conditions are present, then head protection is required: Other countries or organizations may have additional requirements, but most regulations are hazard based and start with a thorough workplace hazard assessment.

Manufacturer of utility pole tags for identifying wooden utility poles in the field.

These tags allow for proper identification of when a pole has had maintenance, while also marking pole ownership.

Pipes are also available in custom sizes and colors with weatherable colored cap on the exterior surface for furniture grade PVC pipe. Each marker has a threaded steel base and high-strength cable inside the tubing for durability. Processes: Screening, Lithography, Metal Photo, Digital Imaging, Embossing, Stamping, Hot Stamping, Metal & Plastic Engraving Manufacturer of high performance industrial markers including freight, film & pole markers.

Additional capabilities include injection molding and fabrication including bending and forming. Liquid paint markers, solid paint markers, hot surface solid paint markers, temperature indicating markers, welding markers, ink markers, low corrosion markers, lumber/timber markers, general purpose markers, etching markers & dot markers are available. Double tongue markers, wrap around metal markers & survey markers are also available. Custom manufacturer of deep embossed metal pole markers including aluminum & stainless steel pole markers. Deep embossed metal pole markers feature square or round corners & holes for mounting.

Prefinishes available: galvanized, prepolished, preplated, prepainted, preanodized, prelaminated, aluminized, strippable-PVC, embossed. Custom manufacturer of rigid PVC markers designed to specifications.Woman-owned manufacturer & distributor of standard & custom pole markers. Manufacturer of standard and custom markers including pole markers. Lot markers are available in cast aluminum head and steel mounting rod construction, 3 in. Various character sizes, styles & grades are available.Types of pole markers include aluminum pole plates, danger two way feed & high voltage signs & visibility strips. Industries served include industrial, hardware, lock shops, manufacturing, automotive, government, airlines, construction, welding, nuclear, jewelry, craft & oilfields. Manufacturer of markers including historical markers, industrial identification markers, pipe & conduit markers, pole markers, self adhesive markers & wire & cable markers.Markers are available in various colors including green, red, yellow, blue, gray & black. Marking posts are available in lengths ranging from 62 in. Markers are pointed on one end for ground installation along with optional ground anchors.Marker accessories include brass jack & beaded chains, hooks & valve chart frames. Features include flexural & impact strength & UV resistance.

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