Charles earl of spencer dating

Because as William prepares for his wedding to Kate Middleton, a relationship that is romantic as well as sensible, Charles Spencer is also getting ready to marry, but for the third time.His looks have faded and a couple of unpleasant divorces have badly tarnished his image, but there is clearly no shortage of women ready to be swept off their feet by a man who is impetuous to the point of rashness in his romantic affairs.In fact, his personality seems to closely resemble Diana's -- moving swiftly between warm affection and aloofness, though without her sense of humour and easy empathy -- and he is undeniably more thrilled with chase and conquest than consistency.

With a trail of broken marriages, relationships and families behind him, the personality traits that once made him seem warm and spontaneous in contrast with the chilly Windsors, now seem charmless and self-indulgent when compared with their rigorous sense of duty.Three weeks after that ended -- apparently at her instigation for a change -- he started seeing Bianca, Lady Eliot, beautiful, vulnerable mother of three and widow of bohemian aristo Lord Jago Eliot, the Earl of St German's heir.The couple had married at Glastonbury in 2001, and Jago died in his bath of an epileptic fit just four years later, with traces of cannabis and cocaine in his system.But we, like you, recognise the need for them to experience as many different aspects of life as possible ..." It was a gauntlet throw down across Diana's grave to her estranged husband's family; one that well caught the mood of the country in that moment, spontaneously applauded by the tens of thousands of people keeping vigil outside Westminster, as well as the millions watching around the world.

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