Boondocks internet dating

When the plan nearly goes awry, Catcher manages to kill Lynchwater and Tobias is killed by Thelma. Tom agrees, and says kidnapping those who she has feelings for but does not receive them back in return is not an ideal way to get a partner. Luna herself is quite indifferent to such homicidal tendencies, even going as far to joke about them.

When Uncle Ruckus hears the Freemans discussing Catcher Freeman, he decides to tell his version, which portrays Catcher as a strong, feral, chained slave who obeys the orders and catches every slave who tries to escape.

Moments later, neighbor Tom Du Bois arrives at the Freeman house.At the end of Luna's speech about the Kumite, she quotes the introduction to Ghostface Killah's 'Mighty Healthy' which is also from a scene from the martial arts film "Shoalin Rescuers".Luna lamenting while Tom and Robert are tied up on the bed.Robert's online dating adventures lead him to a beautiful woman named Luna , whom he invites for the weekend.He tries to impress his crush, Thelma, who is just looking for freedom.

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